Cancer Research SA


CRSA was conceptualised and brought to fruition by a team of medical oncologists who practice at a number of private and public hospitals in Adelaide and include members from AOAH and ICON.


Our aim is to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care and ongoing advancements in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of cancer in the future. We seek to accomplish this through research, education and clinical practice.


Access….this is achievable through CRSA. Our aim is to offer every Australian diagnosed with (affected by) cancer an opportunity to discuss your options and participation in the most up to date clinical trial.


Clinical trials often provide novel therapies and have been demonstrated internationally to be the gold standard choice of treatment for a cancer patient.


Over time, our community has created different colour ribbons for each cancer type as a symbolic of awareness for patient who has been diagnosed with cancer. The story of our multi-colour logo theme came from the idea of integrating each of these cancer colour into one design. This is in line with our vision which is to bring cancer research together through innovation and collaboration into our unit.

Each colour represents a cancer type:

    • White: Lung cancer
    • Grey: Brain cancer
    • Pink: Breast cancer
    • Emerald Green: Liver cancer
    • Light Blue: Prostate cancer
    • Periwinkle Blue: Stomach cancer
    • Yellow: Bone cancer
    • Orange: Kidney cancer
    • Dark Blue: Colon cancer
    • Teal: Ovarian cancer
    • Purple: Pancreatic cancer, cancer survivors
    • Peach: Uterine cancer
    • Black: Melanoma